R. James Koch MD Inc.

Medicolegal & Cosmetic Device Consulting

Dr. Koch serves as a consultant to investors and venture capitalists in the Biotechnology sector.  In addition to Medical Devices, he has extensive experience with Wound Healing, Stem Cells, and Tissue Engineering.  When at Stanford, Dr. Koch was the Director of the Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering Laboratory. 

His basic science research interests are in wound healing and tissue engineering.  The wound healing research involves growth factor profiles of normal, keloid-producing, fetal, and irradiated fibroblasts.  These fibroblasts are reflective of the full spectrum of wound healing, and the overall goal is to improve the healing of both normal and problem wounds through cytokine manipulation.  Differing aspects of this work were funded by a VA Merit Review grant and a corporate grant.  Methods to improve poorly healing wounds, methods to decrease scar formation, and the use of adult stem cells in cosmetic and reconstructive applications are of special interest to him.

In the tissue engineering work, he produced histologically-proven hyaline cartilage using serum-free methodology from human septal chondrocytes.  The clinical goal is autologous reconstruction of cartilage defects. 

Dr. Koch’s primary clinical research interest is in laser/radiofrequency–tissue interaction.  Industry funding provided complete salary support at Stanford for FY 2003-2004 and FY 2004-2005.  

Dr. Koch serves clients nationally and internationally from his Northern California office.